The Beauty of Merricks

Merricks Beach is a peaceful seaside community on Westernport Bay on the Mornington Peninsula, an hour outside Melbourne.

The community has a strong focus on protecting the natural environment and local flora and fauna.

Merricks Beach

The annual Merricks Beach sandmodelling competition is a popular event and is followed by a sausage sizzle, where the community gathers to debate the judges' decisons.

Merricks Beach

Merricks Beach from the cliff top.

Merricks Beach

Coastal scenery

Merricks Beach

Sailing is a popular pastime promoted through the Merricks Yacht Club.

Roads and Drains

Merricks Beach has deliberately chosen to retain dirt roads throughout the village. It is part of the community desire to retain the atmosphere of an older style of sea side village.

The roads and drains are managed by the MBRA in partnership with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

Speed limits are 25 kph throughout the village to ensure the safety of the many children who run and ride around the streets.

Bernard Barrett is the current chair of the Roads and Drains subcommittee of the MBRA committee.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding roads or drains should contact the committee through the website or email one of the committee members.

PLEASE NOTE: there is to be a trial of traffic calming measures on Palmers Hill Rd that will be introduced by the end of October 2014 and be in place for apporx. 10 months to help improve compliance with local speed limits.

There are to be three traffic slow points installed as follows:

1. Palmers Hill road between Merricks Beach Road and Foam Street in the vicinity of numbers 24-28;
2. Palmers Hill Road between Foam Street and Bayview Road in the vicinity of numbers 48-50; and
3. the corner of Spray Street and Bayview Road.