The Beauty of Merricks

Merricks Beach is a peaceful seaside community on Westernport Bay on the Mornington Peninsula, an hour outside Melbourne.

The community has a strong focus on protecting the natural environment and local flora and fauna.

Merricks Beach

The annual Merricks Beach sandmodelling competition is a popular event and is followed by a sausage sizzle, where the community gathers to debate the judges' decisons.

Merricks Beach

Merricks Beach from the cliff top.

Merricks Beach

Coastal scenery

Merricks Beach

Sailing is a popular pastime promoted through the Merricks Yacht Club.

Flora and Fauna

The foreshore reserve, the Bill Carroll Reserve and the many gardens  around the village  are home to many different animals and plants.

There are many different types of birds,  possums and small skinks are common, and  blue tongue lizards can be seen.

Koalas can often be  seen feeding in the eucalypts around the village.

in the bay, bottlenose dolphins are known to visit and more recently the occasional whale has also dropped by.

The plants around the village mostly reflect native species and there is a strong desire of many in the community to protect and preserve the native species.

The greastest threat is weed invasion of the foreshore and reserves. Please see attached a list of environmental weeds and how to prevent their spread.

The MBRA conducts an annual plant giveaway featuring Australian natives to encourage residents to plant natives in their gardens.

The Merricks Beach Foreshore Committee has conducted signficant research to identify and catelogue local native species of flora and fauna and their reports are attached below.